• View of box seats from Josh Groban's piano
  • Josh Groban's Yamaha C7
  • Kid Rock's accoustic/electronic
  • Kid Rock's keyboard pit
  • Kid Rock's masive power cables
  • The Eagle's Concert Yamaha
Piano tuner to the stars!

The Piano Man has tuned pianos for The Eagles, Josh Groban, and Kid Rock, but it’s not just for the stars. He continues to offer affordable, expert care and advice for your piano.

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Regular tuning is necessary to the life of your piano. It is recommended that a new piano be tuned 4 times in the first year and twice a year thereafter.

With certification from The American School of Piano Tuning, Larry has over 18 years of experience. He is a trusted piano tuner serving Wichita, KS and the surrounding area, an Associate with the Piano Technicians Guild and the exclusive tuner and technician for USD#259, the largest school system in Kansas, where he is responsible for the maintenance of over 300 instruments. He and/or his associates are available if you need any piano tuning, action regulation, voicing, finishing or repair work for any pianos that have lost their shine.

Need a service visit? Want to refinish your piano? Have questions about your piano? Give him a call at 316-644-9241 or send an email.